[ABC] Always Be Cardano
ADA Stake Pool
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Earn $HOSKY with ABC Stakepool!

We're teaming up with our own wallet to offer 1Bn of ADA's premier S4!tcoin, $HOSKY, airdropped regularly to your wallet simply for staking with us.

The criteria for getting your paws on the airdrop are almost insultingly simple:

  1. stake your ADA with [ABC] Stakepool
  2. we will airdrop a MINIMUM of 100k $HOSKY each epoch (every 5 days) to every delegator's wallet
  3. if you stake more than 100 ADA with us, we will airdrop 1000:1 $HOSKY:ADA. E.g., 537 ADA staked, 537,000 $HOSKY received
  4. we take a snapshot at a random time each epoch. a more predictable process goes against $HOSKY's values
  5. to receive the airdrop, just delegate to ABC before our random snapshot. simple
  6. because we didn't think it through, you'll also receive 1.5 ADA with each airdrop
  7. if you stake longer term with us, nice things may happen (aside from a great ADA ROI and super stable stakepool)
  8. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Enjoy the ZEROs!