[ABC] Always Be Cardano ADA Stake Pool
, 4.2% ROS, $HOSKY bonusesπŸŽ‰
we build
pool.vet and evented.events

ABC offers 2 $HOSKY bonuses!

  1. We run $HOSKY airdrops every 5 days - 1000 $HOSKY per ADA staked
  2. Official $HOSKY SPOOPER (dedicated $HOSKY bowl)


We airdrop ADA's premier S4!tcoin, $HOSKY, each epoch (5 days) to your wallet simply for staking with us. To date we have airdropped over 10Bn $HOSKY to our delegators from our treasury of 100Bn.

  1. stake your ADA with [ABC] Stakepool
  2. we airdrop 1000 $HOSKY per ADA staked each epoch to every delegator who stakes 100ADA or more with ABC
  3. we take a snapshot at a random time each epoch. a more predictable process goes against $HOSKY's values
  4. to receive the airdrop, just delegate to ABC before our random snapshot. simple
  5. because we didn't think it through, you'll also receive 1.5 ADA with each airdrop
  6. Enjoy the ZEROs! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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